Answers Book for Kids Now in Spanish!

I’m excited to share this first good news! A few days ago Master Books sent me a little message that the Answers Book for Kids Vol 1 and 2 series will be available in Spanish!

“I just received word that our Answers Books for Kids 1 & 2 in Spanish will be in stock at the end of August and I thought of you. It’s not exactly curriculum but it’s a step that direction. Hope you and your family are well!”

Thanks Master Books! You answered my request and then you tell me this surprise news.


spanish-answers-for-kids-1El Libro de Respuestas para Niños Vol. 1 will be in Stock on August 25, 2014, for just $5.99dlls.

El Libro de Respuestas para Niños Vol. 2 will be in Stock on September 15, 2014, for just $5.99dlls.

Now you can pre-order.

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