Los 5 métodos de enseñanza/aprendizaje hebreo.

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Hay varias palabras en hebreo que pueden traducirse como “aprender” al castellano. Cuando leemos el texto al castellano, vamos a menudo a encontrarnos con palabras como aprender, enseñar, instruir, disciplinar y castigar, pero como veremos, estas palabras no nos dan un significado exacto de estas palabras desde una perspectiva hebraica y algunos de los significados están “perdidos en la traducción”.


La palabra hebrea para un buey es “eleph“. Una palabra estrechamente relacionada es “alaph“, es decir; “llevar el yugo juntos.”

Cuando dos bueyes eran colocados juntos en un yugo para el arado, un buey viejo y con más experiencia se coloca al lado de un buey inexperto joven. El joven aprendería luego por asociación y el ejemplo de los mayores. Por lo tanto, la palabra eleph también puede significar “asociarse con” o “aprender por el ejemplo”.

Un hombre enyugado…

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Great Homeschool Conventions 2015 in United States

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God Moves Heaven And Earth

Because He loves us, our Father will eliminate everything that we put our trust besides Him, until finally we only seek security in our Lord.

How many of us have put our trust in the system of the world? -In the education system, the health system, the judicial system, etc.-

But God says in His Word not to love the things of the world because we are strangers and pilgrims, but to love Him, and therefore many are called to instruct their children at home. God is speaking to the heart of many, “Prepare and pray”. He is also urging them to stop relying on the world system, and thus He is also giving them direction: Educate your children at home, “Train a child in the way he [should] go; and, even when old, he will not swerve from it”. (Proverbs 22:6).

Many are called, few are chosen and fewer are faithful. Although not everyone has that call, those who have it, slowly the Lord will help and take care of removing any what they have put their trust besides Him, because He loves them.

Read more at the In Touch Ministries post about that “God is Moving Heaven and Earth

Show your kids you love them

It is surprising that many parents have trouble expressing love to their children.

Caring for our children is one of God’s plan for our lives as parents. It is how we follow the divine model of love.

When we are busy, struggling and life is hectic, it can be hard showing interest and express tender love.

However, we must change our thinking.

The Bible is the perfect place to seek advice. Galatians 5:22 tells us that the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace … what next? PATIENCE! Patience with ourselves and with our children.

Let your children know that you love them. Repeat and prove it until they believe it!

Remember that you are not dealing with an inconvenience, you’re raising a human being … a little child that comes from God…

» Beware that you do not despise or feel scornful toward or think little of one of these little ones, for I tell you that in heaven their angels always are in the presence of and look upon the face of My Father Who is in heaven. {Matthew 18:10}

You are raising a little child that comes from God

You are raising a little child that comes from God